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Welcome to the ICOM Productions FiLMS Help Pages

FiLMS Learning Management System

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FiLMS stands for Flash integrated Learning Management System. It is a web-based Learning Management System (LMS), or a website, that helps our clients manage the training programs that it's employees have access to. FiLMS primarily hosts Online Training Courses, or Computer Based Training programs(CBT), which means that the recording of who in your company has completed, or not completed, their assigned training is made relatively painless.

For more information on the FiLMS LMS please click here.

Online Training Courses

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Online Training Courses are the main focus of ICOM Productions. We generally produce Course Packages following our proprietary design that uses the Adobe Flash multimedia platform and a collection of flexible LMS Programming Interfaces (API) that are managed by our exclusive FiLMS Brain Flash component. ICOM also produces Online Training using various e-Learning Authoring Tools such as Toolbook and Lectora.

For more information on our Course Packages click here.

Technical Support

For more information regarding Support, please refer to your Service Level Agreement.


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