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  • Can also be aliased Organization, Company, Department, etc depending upon client business need
  • Represent the parent entity of Users and Groups
  • Are at the top of the user structure hierarchy and generally represent the client
  • FiLMS supports a virtually unlimited number of Projects
  • Inherently each Project has a Course Catalog available to all the users within that Project
  • Users must be organized into projects
  • An image known as a Project Logo can be linked to them and can appear on the FiLMS Menu, Administrative Screens and, optionally, the Course Certificates of their users
  • Can have expiry dates set for them - after which their users can log onto the LMS but have no actions available to them
  • If a project is set to inactive its users can log into FiLMS but have no actions available to them
  • Can utlitize the Menu Scroller feature to communicate short messages to it's users


tutorial: Add a project with a user and link a course

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