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FiLMS, also known as Flash Integrated Learning Management System, is a web-based Learning Management System (LMS), or a website, that helps our clients manage the training programs that it's employees have access to. FiLMS primarily hosts Online Training courses, or Computer Based Training programs(CBT), which means that the recording of who in your company has completed, or not completed, their assigned training is made relatively painless. It is web-based to facilitate “any time, any place, any pace” access to learning content and administration.

The latest version of FiLMS is version 3. In order to provide a customizable experience to meet changing user needs, it is module based. Not all modules are included with the initial system package, and as such some functionality may not be available to all users.


Training materials

A comprehensive reference guide is available:

A media rich Admin guide is also available:

Feature List

  • Replicate your Organizational Structure
    • Users details are extensible so you can capture as much information about a user as required
    • Infinitely nestable groups allow administrators to build an organizational structure as simple or complex as needed
    • Users can be in as many groups as required
    • Users can be leaders or learners in different groups
    • Users can be instructors or attendees in different classes
  • Customize your Training with Class Curriculums
    • Course content does not need to be the same for different learner audiences
    • Class curriculums can be tailored to meet the needs of groups of learners from within the FiLMS Web Interface allowing different groups of learners to receive different modules/lessons within the same course
  • Customize your Training with Learning Paths
    • Related courses can be part of the same Learning Path
    • Restrictions placed upon Learning Paths by administrators can require learners to complete the presribed training prior to earning a certificate for that Learning Path
    • Restrictions can be:
      • Prerequisites?
        • Did the learner earn a completion on another course in the Learning Path?
        • Did the learner earn an appropriate grade in another course in the Learning Path?
      • Time factors?
        • Is the course available only during a certain period of time?
        • Do all courses within a learning path need to be completed by a certain time?
      • Expirations?
        • Certificates can be given an expiry date
  • Online Learning Standardization
    • FiLMS can host ICOM developed SCORM 1.2 course packages
    • FiLMS can also host SCORM 1.2 course packages developed by other vendors

Module List

  • Self-Registration E-Mail
    • Learners can register themselves receiving a password via E-Mail
  • Password Reset
    • Learners who forget their password can have a new one E-Mailed to them
  • CD-ROM tracking
    • For learners in low-bandwidth environments training can be deployed via CD but tracked back to FiLMS
  • Test-bank
    • Administrators/Instructors can author their own quiz questions from within the FiLMS Web Interface
    • Questions can be grouped into banks from which a certain number can be drawn from
    • Questions can be randomized
    • Sub-banks can be weighted when calculating the final score of the parent bank
  • Course Lockouts
    • Learners can be locked out of courses for failing an exam
  • Email Notifications
    • E-mails may be sent to newly created users, informing them of their passwords
    • E-mails may be sent to remind users of certificates nearing expiration
    • E-mails may be sent manually by administrators at any time
    • Reminder e-mails may be sent for incomplete courses
    • Administrators can be alerted when users fail courses
  • Silent-Signon
    • FiLMS can query a client's Windows server for Learner authentication/authorization
  • User Synchronization
    • Daily or weekly updates of users to match your existing systems is possible.

Hosting Specifications

Download Here

Screen Caps

User login page:

Learner home page:

Course page:

System Tutorials

Force Completion (Text Version)

Setting up new users (Text Version)

Creating a Welcome E-Mail (Text Version)

Core System

System Overview


Basic overview of the system.


There are the certain basic elements making up the system. They are:

  • User – A single person. This includes Learners, and all types of Admins.
  • Admin – These are the users assigned to administer a level of the system.
  • Organization – Each organization exists separate from other organizations, and contains their own unique courses, learners, instructors, and Admins.
  • Group – A subset of users.
  • Learner – A user that is part of a group. Usually they are not an admin. These users generally are only able to view classes and resources made available to their groups.
  • Course – A collection of content. A thing that we are tracking learner progress and grade for. These may be online, with automatically tracked progress and grading, or offline, with admin-entered progress and grading.
  • Course Structure – A definition of how the content elements (Learning Objects) of a course work together, including which elements to show, and how grading works.
  • Learning Object – An element within a course. They must be one of three types:
    • Lesson – Completion may be tracked, but which does not produce any other feedback.
    • Quiz – Worth a grade. FiLMS will track the answers and grade for these. An admin may manually enter quiz grades instead of having FiLMS administer the quiz.
    • Survey – Records quiz-like responses from users, but does not affect their grade.
  • Resource – An item made available to learners, and associated with one or more levels in the system. By default, it may be one of two types:
    • Link – A link to another location on the WWW.
    • File – A file uploaded to the system
  • Organization Course Catalog – This is the list of courses available to each organization.
  • Class – A class teaches content (Course Structures) to users who are enrolled in the class's Curriculum(s).
  • Curriculum - Represents specific content (a Course Structure) as taught by a specific Class.
  • Enrollment – Defines a Learner’s presense in a curriculum, and contains progress and information in regards to it. Enrollment in a class's curriculum may be dependant on the learner meeting specified criteria (using restrictions).
  • Result – A particular Learner’s result in a Learning Object, such as completion, grade, and may include quiz and survey responses.
  • Certificate - Learners may be awarded with Certificates upon meeting specified criteria (restrictions).
  • Restriction - A description of what must be accomplished to gain access to something.
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