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Course Packages are produced by ICOM in a variety of different tracking and non-tracking formats. The format desired by our clients depends upon how they wish to use their course. Most of our courses are delivered online, either via the internet or an intranet, also referred to as "Web", in packages for Learning Management Systems (LMS), so a user's progress can be recorded. For this, we generally produce these packages following the SCORM 1.2 specification since it is supported by a majority of LMSs. Unfortunately, not all LMSs fully support our packages so we strongly recommend testing ICOM's packages prior to go-live.

FiLMS, the ICOM LMS, fully supports the SCORM 1.2 specification. The ICOM courses it hosts are SCORM 1.2 course packages.



Tracking courses require a LMS, or in some unique situations a similar computer application, that is able to receive and record a user's progress within the course. A computer network is mandatory for ICOM's tracking courses so each user's computer can track progress. Depending upon the speed of a client's network either a "High bandwidth" or "low bandwidth" solution will be recommended.

Web/High bandwidth

ICOM considers a "high bandwidth" environment any computer network that has DSL speeds (128 Kbps+) or greater. We generally recommend a "Web" package, or one that is opened by a web browser, following the SCORM 1.2 specification but depending upon a client's LMS we produce other packages.

Here are the package specifications ICOM offers:

CD/Low bandwidth

ICOM produces CDs that track a user's progress with FiLMS. This is our recommended package when users with poor, or sporadic, network connectivity require training delivery. A user's computer requires a CD-ROM.

For more information on FiLMS Tracking CDs, click here.


Non-tracking, or "standalone", packages do not require a LMS so they do not record a user's progress.

Web server

A non-tracking version that can be opened by a user's web browser and is meant to be hosted by a Web server is available.

Here's is an example:


A non-tracking version that can be played by the CD-ROM of a user's computer is available.

Computer requirements

A user's computer will need to meet certain technical requirements in order to run ICOM's courses and it's FiLMS LMS without issue.

Web courses

For "Web" packages, courses that run in a web browser, in general terms, will require:

For more information on requirements, click here

CD courses

In general terms, each computer will require:

  • CD-ROM Drive
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